Hoof Wraps Gel Pad

  • Horse’s hooves are subject to untold amounts of stress and damage.  We teamed up with the industry leader in gel technology and developed a gel pad specifically for horse hoof care. Our innovative gel pads are durable, absorb shock, and provide comfort and support where your horse needs it most. Unique and made with scientifically advanced, industrial grade materials, Hoof Wraps Gel Pads are unlike any other hoof pad you have seen before. 
    Hoof Wraps Gel Pads are infused with Jojoba and Tea Tree oils, which are naturally antibacterial. This is ideal for soothing your horse’s hoof and helping to fight bacterial infection.  Our gel pad is 3/8" thick and 5 3/4" diameter, so you can be sure that it can provide ample support for the entire hoof.

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